Digital Signage in Mining and Resources 1

Digital Signage in Mining and Resources

Connect Your People With the Information They Need In Real-time

Keep Them Safe With Up To The Moment Safety And Event Notices & Warnings

Real-Time Information For a Real-Time Industry

Digital signage in Mining and Resources is essential for an industry where communication is the lifeblood for safety and productivity. Digital Signage enables the display of current HR information, lost days to injury, production days, and downtime, along with what’s coming up. Equally as important, it can display data & metrics, all in real-time.

Omnivex Digital Signage software makes all this possible with an easy to use interface, and the ability to bring data from almost any source. Whether it’s from databases, Sensor or other types of inputs, Omnivex software can acquire it , manage it, combine it, and display it as valuable information. in graphic and text forms. Updates are in real-time, and information is ready to be acted on now, rather than delay till the report is issued; sometimes months later.

Using I/O Link and SQL Link data can be gathered and displayed and other triggers can be used as well. Perhaps you need to measure power use, water use, even see what is happening down the line using cameras. The opportunities are there to use the technology now available to improve productivity and safety.

Call the team at Cohesive, and we will work with you to achieve your objectives.

There’s no better way to communicate with the team and make the message relevant and instant. Contact Cohesive to discover how Omnivex Digital Signage network is helping mining, manufacturing, large convention and exhibition centres, mining and resources companies, educational institutions and many more industries with easy to use Digital Signage that looks after the system as a whole. We call it Simplifying Digital Signage Content Management using Omnivex Digital Signage Software.

Let Everything be Data Driven
Data & Analytics Drive the System
Actionable Analytics Drive the Actions

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Outdoor or Indoor Digital Signage in Mining and Resources

Digital signage in Mining and Resources

Omnivex Digital Signage can deliver a vast range of content such as;

  • Real-time injury days
  • Safety reminders to build awareness
  • Emergency evacuation and lockdown procedures in an instant ( does depend on network speed)
  • Latest news, weather and other current information
  • HR messages and unique staff messages if required
  • Kiosks that they can use themselves, print tickets, or other vouchers
  • Wayfinding
  • Information about the cafe, food specials and other location
  • Weather – today, tomorrow, and more
  • Stock and company news for corporate guests using datapipe
  • Different screens can display different content
  • In the crib rooms – production schedule -vs- actual and status to objective
Digital Signage in Mining and Resources 2

Take Your Operations To The Next level With Digital Communications

Adopting a Digital Communications strategy with Digital Signage in mining and resources brings a paradigm shift to your organisation, and opens a broader perspective on capablities and benefits.

Digital communications can impact many different parts of your organisation. While it’s easy to see that digital signage can enable better marketing, you may be less aware of how, by adopting a digital communications strategy, it can improve operations. Significant time and resources are dedicated to enterprise operations; effective digital communications strategies allow these precious resources to be used more strategically, leading to better overall company performance.

Let’s look at how optimised digital communications can effectively improve operations

Digital Signage in Manufacturing - Data & Information Dashboard
Digital Signage in Mining and Resources 2

Enhance Internal Communications

Operations people are regularly mobile and not sitting at a desk all day.
Digital communications can help improve the connection for these employees. Whether it is organisation-wide or targeted messaging via digital displays, mobile apps or interactive kiosks, everyone within operations and beyond can be on the same page instantly when you employ real-time digital communications.

Engage Employees

Digital communications also help employees to be more productive, as communication, or lack of, is a significant factor in the success of any operations team or indeed, any team. According to a study from SIS International, the cumulative cost of lost productivity due to communication challenges was over $26,000 per worker every year.

When you equip your employees with the right information, at the right time, on the right device, the dividends will not only include improved employee engagement, but increased morale, sense of engagement, and much more.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Visual dashboards provide employees and management with insight into the operations of the organization. Consider the use of these types of displays on plant floors, in warehouses, in offices and many other locations in organisations across all industries. Employees and managers can clearly see real-time information and key metrics and how the organisation is tracking against those stats. These examples of instant communication can spur more efficient, productive work when all employees are aware of current metrics.

Reduce Errors, Decrease Costs

Enhanced digital communications strategies also have an additional benefit: reducing errors; this leads to decreased costs. If employees are aware of key targets and stats, it becomes easier to check out weak areas to see what’s going wrong. The data helps them make better decisions, finding the source of the problem. Without this valuable information, the organizations could continue to miss targets, make mistakes and waste money and resources.

Keeping Score

Think of it as your scoreboard. Everyone wants to know what the score is. Keeping score is important, it lets your people know exactly how they are going.

Optimised Safety Practices

Digital communication is an ideal channel for training and education. An organization with locations across the country or world can view the same information to provide consistency across its safety program. Keeping employees aware of hazards and best practices may answer compliance requirements as well.

Energise Your Operations

Digital communication is a critical medium for organizations, and it’s not just a channel for marketing. By communicating internally, your operations team can engage employees, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce errors and costs. With so many options to execute digital communications, including information screens, video walls, wayfinding, and more, there is a relevant solution for any organization.

As you can see, Digital Signage in mining and resources can be much more than meets the eye.

Digital Signage in Mining and Resources 2

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Using intelligent, real-time signage to share information across and beyond your organisation both leverages and enhances digital transformation.

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* Cohesive is the Australian Reseller of the Omnivex Platform. Omnivex, Omnivex Moxie and Omnivex Ink are Owned and Licenced by Omnivex Corporation of Ontario, Canada.

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