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When you need outdoor Digital Signage
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Outdoor Displays

When it comes to outdoor displays, you want displays that are designed & built to survive and perform in our harsh climate.

Whether it’s a remote mine site where the temperature pushes toward 50C every day in summer or withstanding wind, rain and humidity elsewhere, hot or cold, you need outdoor displays that withstand such conditions.

Our outdoor displays are designed and built for just these conditions.

Outside they are tough while inside the screens and electronics live in a sealed IP65 rated enclosure.
Electronically cooled*, the sealed enclosure has no exchange of air between the internal and external environment.

Continuing inside; fans ensure the cooled air is circulated evenly throughout and to where it is needed. Most importantly, cooled air flows over the surface of the screen itself, avoiding the dark blotching that others are known to suffer.

The outdoor display cabinets themselves are rugged and robust with AR rated glass giving them a high level of resistance to vandalism.


Configurations and sizes

The outdoor displays are available in various configurations; wall mounted or ceiling mounted, and self-standing Totem Kiosks in both single and double-sided.

They are available in a range of sizes from 24″ to 86″ with a choice of brightness from 1000 nits to 2500 nits to suit your locational and display requirements.

And yes, they can be interactive with sensors and touchscreens.

The ideal hardware for outdoor digital signage and data displays.

Want Wayfinding? We have Omnivex software for that too; one of the best in the world.

*Not all models are electronically cooled. Some models are fan-cooled and are suitable for semi-outdoor installations.

Home » Outdoor Displays