Communications Tools: A Key To Better Business Performance

By Jenn Gvozdek
Marketing Manager

September 27, 2018


Most organizations today understand the importance of gathering data to inform decision-making, but collecting data is only half the battle. After all, data has value only if it’s used—and using data to run a business more effectively means getting the right information to the right people at the right time on the right device. A recent IDG survey of digital trends and business challenges indicates that communications tools have a critical role to play in leveraging valuable data for business advantage.

Read the whitepaper to get more information on the survey results and learn how:

Using big data is a big issue but not the only one
Many business challenges involve sharing information
Organizations are considering an array of communications tool to solve their business challenges

Communications Tools: A Key to Better Business Performance Whitepaper

Communications Tools: A Key To Better Business Performance 1


Jennifer is Marketing Manager at Omnivex Corporation. She joined Omnivex in 2011 and is responsible for all aspects of marketing including strategy, communications, and execution. Jennifer has helped Omnivex redefine what digital signage is and how it can help organizations enhance and extend their two most valuable assets – people and data.

Jennifer brings 20 years of software industry marketing experience. She has held numerous marketing positions at software companies including PeopleSoft, Longview Solutions, and Microsoft. Prior to joining Omnivex, Jennifer was the Industry Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics in Canada.