Enable real-time data reporting, reduce costs, and increase the bottom line with digital signage


We are living in an era where it is paramount for manufacturers to remain competitive and where development and innovation are essential.

Improving productivity and driving efficiencies are things manufacturers must continuously do to be successful - digital communications can help; this is mainly so in a lean manufacturing environment where the key to managing daily improvement and reducing waste is Visual Factory Management.

Digital signage, video walls, interactive screens and kiosks are just a few of the many digital communication displays that can be used from the canteen to the administration offices, to the factory & workshop floor. These, along with input from sensors and other data, real-time data reporting can be enabled to reduce production costs and improve the bottom line. Dynamic communication using real-time information with Omnivex Moxie Enterprise will set one organisation apart from the competition.

Digital communications can:

  • Provide real-time production alerts and metrics
  • Enable inventory monitoring and wayfinding for the dynamic inventory location
  • Integrate with external systems and alarms for health and safety alerts and emergency notifications
  • Provide real-time KPI dashboard tracking “we are what we measure.”
  • Enable employee communications including0 training, corporate announcements, weather, and news

Omnivex Moxie Enterprise
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Next Generation of Emergency Notifications

When an emergency happens, people need to be informed as soon as possible but also understand clearly what the emergency is. Sirens simply do not provide anything other than an alert that there is a possibility of danger. Real-time data can make all the difference between panic and rational action whenever an emergency occurs.

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Why Manufacturing And Digital Signage Were Made For Each Other

Strategically placed digital signage in a manufacturing facility can improve safety awareness, communicate valuable information instantly, and reduce response time when something on a production line must be changed. It can also reduce or eliminate costs and waste associated with printing.

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How IoT Is Impacting Manufacturing

The Internet of Things provides the environment that makes this possible, and having a digital signage platform allows you to collect, process, and deliver targeted real-time information such as KPI dashboards and inventory levels on a variety of devices including digital signs, interactive kiosks, and tablets.