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Here’s a quick summary of the most common questions, with answers, we get asked regarding Omnivex Ink. If you don’t see the answers you are looking for below don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I Use Omnivex Ink To Share Information Across My Whole Organisation?
Yes. Omnivex has designed the Omnivex Ink platform to enable divisions within an organization to share live information with whoever can make the best use of it. Data is packaged into apps which can be shared with specific groups or individual users to control access. Apps can be run on mobile devices, laptops, desktops, digital signs and even embedded in websites.
Can I Use Omnivex Ink To Create Mobile Apps?
Yes. You can create mobile apps that will send and receive live data updates without having to worry about setting up a server or writing a line of code. Rather than taking months, you can have an app up and running in minutes.
Can I Use Omnivex Ink To Control Content On Digital Signs?
Yes. You can upload content, create playlists, and assign them to remote digital signs. Omnivex Ink is not intended to be as full-featured or powerful as Omnivex Moxie for controlling digital signs, but it will interface with browser-based hardware for a reduced cost.
What Types Of Mobile Apps Can I Create With Omnivex Ink?
Omnivex Ink is designed to connect to your data sources, receive live updates, and push them out in real-time to the users of your apps. The data really becomes the central focus for determining the types of apps you create. Rather than forcing you to adopt our version of an Expense app, or a Sales Tracking app, or an Inventory Management app, Omnivex Ink allows you to take the data you want to share, and easily package it in the best way for you and your users.
What Type Of Data Can I Use In An Ink App?
Omnivex has been connecting to live data sources for over 25 years and we are constantly adding ways to connect to more. Currently Ink will connect to SQL databases, RSS feeds, Exchange calendars, web services, contact closures and relays, RFID and NFC readers, barcode scanners, phone systems, financial market data, news and weather feeds, and many more. We are happy to discuss your needs and systems to show how they can be connected.
Can I Connect My Data Source To Omnivex Ink?
Absolutely. Rather than cutting and pasting from reports, the real benefits in using an Ink app come from real-time connectivity between your users and the original source of the data. Based on your requirements, the flow of data can be either read-only from the source to the users or it can be bi-directional, allowing your users to also send controlled updates back to the source.
Is My Data Secure?
The Omnivex Ink platform is architected with security at the forefront. All communications are encrypted, and all data is encrypted at rest. Omnivex developers and technical support cannot see your data. Access is strictly controlled and maintained solely within your organisation.
Will Ink Apps Run On My IOS Or Android Device?
Yes. Rather than having to create multiple versions of an app for different operating systems, Ink apps are created using web technologies that allow a single app to run on all device types. When you create an Ink app, you can be confident that the app will run on iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones and tablets.
What Other Devices Will Ink Apps Run On?
Since Ink apps are built on web technologies, any device with a current browser will be able to run them. Not only iOS and Android devices, but Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Chrome and embedded devices can also be used. One of the great benefits of Omnivex Ink is that apps can be used by your audience without you having to worry about what device they are using.
Who Can Run Apps That I Create?
You have complete control over who can run your app. Only those Ink users who you have shared your app with will be able to see it or be able to run it. All Ink users have a personalized gallery of apps that are available to them. As new apps are shared with them, the apps appear in their gallery. Apps can be run directly from the gallery. There is no need to install apps before running them and users are never pestered with notices of available updates.
Can I Restrict Access To Apps To Only Certain People?
Yes. Only Ink users who you have shared your app with are able to run it. This is an excellent way to ensure that the data contained within the app is only accessed by people with the right to do so.
Can I Restrict Access To Apps To Groups Of People?
Yes. An easy way to create apps that are specific to a job function or role is to share apps to defined groups of Ink users. As people are added to or removed from these groups the apps that are available to them change automatically.
Do My Apps Have To Go Through Apple Or Google For Approval Before They Can Be Used?
No. The moment you publish an app it is available to be used by the Ink users you have shared it with. No waiting for several weeks for an app to appear in some marketplace. With Omnivex Ink you are in control. Going from data to an app is a matter of minutes and deploying that app is equally as rapid. Any modifications or improvements that you later make to the app can have a limited deployment for testing until you are ready to publish to the entire audience.
How Do I Sign Up For A Trial Of Omnivex Ink?
Please contact us. We will answer your questions and help you get up and going. Trial costs will vary depending on your requirements.
Where Can I Get More Information?
Please contact us for more information.
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