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Simple Data Integration

Integrate your data through native connectors, or build your own with our open architecture. The power of the Omnivex DataPipe makes data integration efficient and easy

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Manage Users

Easily assign user access by level, with each level allowing access to different sections of your Ink environment.

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Intelligent Delivery of Content

Easily use metadata to deliver the right content to the right screen at the right time. Content can be scheduled on an individual basis and triggered based on external data. Users who contribute content can be assigned their own galleries to manage their media with automated and prompted metadata entry.

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A Scalable Solution to Deliver Content to Any Screen

Turn any device with a browser and Internet connection into an Ink Display – desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices, System-on-Chip displays – all can become vehicles for your message. Distribute content in two ways – sharing with users or assigning to displays.

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Your own Secure Ink Environment

When you sign up with Omnivex Ink, you’ll have your own secure Ink organization, authenticated against Active Directory. You’ll have total control over your data and your user access.

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